Monday, November 19, 2007

If it looks good, shoot it

A commercial shoot to promote the X Games has moved to A-Basin because there's so little snow in Aspen. That's a shot today at Snowmass, above.

What ya gonna do?

Surely by the time the X Games hit Aspen (Jan. 24-27) there'll be plenty of the white stuff.

At least we kept it in state. And let's hope this week's storm dumps what the weather watchers say it will.


13er Skier said...

A friend at work went skiing yesterday at Winter Park. He said it was pretty bad. As he came down one of the three open runs, he saw two mountain bikers riding up the mountain.

Teleken said...

The storm is expected to bring
4-8" of snow to the high country.
O-boy break out the fat boards!!