Monday, November 19, 2007

Davenport movie leaks on web (of course)

Many will remember that Chris Davenport, Aspen badass who skied all the fourteeners in a 363-day span last year, ran into trouble when U.S. Forest Service officials found out this spring that some friends who went along had filmed some of his descents with video cameras. They said it violated the rules of wilderness. Still photos were fine, but no movies. The film makers have been negotiating to no avail (as far as I know) and the film, with or without wilderness scenes hasn't been released, but you can catch some of it on Here's a link

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PikeTalk said...

You Tube is pretty straight forward about it being Ben who leaked it, and it seems pretty clear that Dave Phillips and the Gazette are promoting it. I don't see why all 3 parties don't get named in USFS lawsuit.