Monday, November 19, 2007

File under "D'oh!"

Riding up the closed portion of Gold Camp Road Sunday, on my way up Buckhorn Trail, I came to a huge banner proclaiming land for sale. Like any good nosy neighbor with no intention to buy, I took a flier.
$260,000 will buy 1.6 acres a few hundred meters passed the locked gate on Gold Camp. The owner will have exclusive car access through the gate to, according to the flyer, "one of the most unique sites in the Pikes Peak region. Located at the top of Cheyenne Canon. Backs National Forest. Amazing views. One of only a few sites privately held in this area of Cheyenne Canon. This is truly a remarkable site."
It would also be a serious bummer to have a house there. I'm hoping the other aspects of the lot (It's extreme grade and lack of obvious water) will keep it from being developed. I kinda like the place as it is. Meanwhile, I wonder how long the banner will last.


UltraRob said...

Let's hope with that price tag it doesn't sale. Anyone that can afford to buy it could probably afford to build a giant mansion right where we don't need one.

PikeTalk said...

Funny what a sign does...This parcel has been for sale and involved in several land trade discussions for several years. A sign goes up and it becomes news...