Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mountain Gazette is back: smaller and still rife with psuedo-intellectual drug references

For those who haven't noticed, Mountain Gazette, the free mostly-monthly lovable magazine of mountain weirdo lifestyle hasn't come out since December. The Website is still stuck on November. Could it be that this resurrected "anti-glossy" hippy rag has died the same death it did when it went out of business the first time in 1979? Apparently not. A story in New West today details a restructuring:

I'm a big fan of the magazine because it gives little regard to established writers and genres. You never really know, opening it up, what you're going to get.
I've even penned a few stories for MG. My favorite: The continuing saga of Edward Abbey's Cadillac.


Zen said...

You know, I love Mountain Gazette. Have a fat stack of them on a nightstand in the back room. But as of late it seemed as if they'd lost all sense of direction.

Maybe they're just not getting the quality of writing they used to get. Maybe the beer and the weed flow too freely in the editor's office on selection night. Don't know.

But there is a limit to the level of toilet humor, sexual innuendo, contrived metaphor, existential anger, muddled metaphysics, and half-assed amateurish, cannabis fueled rambling prose this reader - and former subscriber I might add - can take.

MG crossed that threshold a long time ago.

But not before they published Dave's Cadillac piece. :0)

Here's hoping they get their wits about them.

Anonymous said...

well, it ain't the High Country News, zen, an I don't think it aims to be.

Fayhee Rules

Dave Philipps said...

Fayhee should write more. I liked his book on Mexico's Copper Canyon.

Zen said...

Fayhee is solid. This is true.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone out in MG blog land. We are looking to acquire back issues. We have always subscribed but have passed along and now we have a need for about 75 mag covers. Does anyone have a stack that you would be willing to part with?? Again just need the covers. Thanks. respond to griffincnotrees@gmail.com