Monday, April 02, 2007

Peta's April Fools posting worth a laugh

Here is PETA's joke blog posting from April 1. The hilarious part is the comments the post garnered on the site, both from pro and anti hunting parties. Apparently being a zealot does not involve spell check. (Thanks to all Out There's thoughtful, thorough readers.)
Anyway, here's the post:
As of this week, hunters have something new to worry about in addition to accidentally shooting each other and embarrassing themselves in public: Not being able to find any animals. At least that's the idea behind HIDE (Hunting Is Downright Evil), an anti-hunt group based in Minnesota that has been tranquilizing deer in popular hunting sites, painting them camouflage, and re-releasing them into the wild. According to HIDE President Jamie Drysdale, the group, which has more than 60 members in Minnesota and Wisconsin, are able to camouflage up to 12 deer a week, and hundreds of infuriated hunters have already submitted letters of complaint to their state governments. Here's a picture of a newly camouflaged buck from a hunting preserve in central Minnesota:
Amazing. Anyway, HIDE, here's wishing you the best of luck confounding hunters around the country. I can't wait to see the bear pictures.

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Zen said...

People are just blinded by their anger, aren't they? The level of vitriol in the comments section of PETA's joke post is insane.