Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Nearly three dozen people have been prosecuted so far this season for using someone else's ski pass at Vail Mountain (compared to three this time last season). It's becoming harder to deceive employees with the bigger photos on this year's passes and improved training. Vail Resorts spokeswoman Jen Brown said employees are paid extra to catch imposters, but she wouldn't say how much. Those who do get caught and charged with "deceptive use of a ski facility" face a hefty fine - up to $999.


Is it Me? No It is me. said...

Good thing I cloned 3 of myself so many years ago. All four of us can ski now for the price of one.

Anonymous said...

They also give police officers a pass if they hang around the lift maze undercover once a month. That way if anyone makes a run for it they don't get far.

Dave Philipps said...

When I taught at Keystone in 2000 the going rate for lifties catching a scammer was $50.