Friday, January 05, 2007

View from the Butte

Here's a note from Out There editor Dena Rosenberry:
Greetings from Crested Butte!

Yeah, yeah, snow is on the way, but check twice before heading out, especially if you have designs on coming down this way.
Roads are supposed to be dicey elsewhere and there was some sort of gas line rupture or explosion - we're hearing news of both - down near Gunnison and there's no natural gas right now in Crested Butte nor Mount Crested Butte. That's the word since we left the slopes this afternoon. Few restaurants are open, the hotels aren't prepared and staffers are going a bit nuts trying to accommodate people. It seems most of the hotel heating is electric, so we're not freezing our buns off, but there are some homes and condos without heat tonight.
if you get a chance...

A clerk at the grocery store said there was an explosion that tore apart part of the highway near Gunnison. I haven't run into anyone with a clear idea what's what. Definitely check reports if you're headed down this way.
We're supposed to drive back to the Springs tomorrow.
Should be fun.

Other than that, the weather has been great. The snow, near as I can tell, has been good so far this season, but not great. There's nothing new, but groomers are doing a good job with what's here and there's still powder to the sides of runs that has been fun - at least for us newbies. But it snowed a bit up on the mountain today - just a bit - and it's supposed to start snowing later tonight, so maybe tomorrow morning will rock.


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