Friday, January 05, 2007

Vet puts Sparkle the cat on home I.V.

Sparkle the adopted alley cat who was bitten by a dog Monday is now on an I.V. drip because she is so dehydrated. She has refused to eat or drink all week. This morning she went to the vet and the vet said her wounds looked fairly good. She didn't have any obvious signs of internal injuries, but she was in desperate need of food and water. So, we're doing that now. I even learned how to put the needle in myself so Sparks could come home rather than staying at the vet's office. We've also started force feeding her a liquid cat food.

Immediately, there seemed to be good results. After a 15 minute IV drip and a little food Sparks actually got up and walked around. (This may have been to try to escape further torment.)

She was ably assisted on her jaunt by Stella the greyhound nurse.


Anonymous said...

yay for sparkle!!!!

Biker Betty said...

That's very encouraging that she is up and walking after the IV. Keep up the good work, Sparkle!!

PeggyP said...

Keep healing, Sparkle. You're a wonderful nurse, Stella.