Friday, January 05, 2007

Think cross-country and snowshoeing. Here's some great spots

It's rare we have enough snow to do either in Colorado Springs, but now we do.

For skiing try there favorites:

Snowshoers, here are some choice trails

Barr Trail (hot drinks at Barr Camp)

Gray Back Peak (This one's a real treat, and not too difficult)


bill_brown_cmc said...

Fox Run is also excellent for snowshoing, at least until the next warm spell. I would also add Schubarth Road/Trail; Mueller SP, and Horsethief Park. As of Wednesday, the Crags road was only plowed as far as the Mennonite Camp.

Zen said...

I was wondering about the Crags Road. Thanks for the post, Bill.

Add Lovel Gulch and Manitou Lake to the list. Up on the Pikes Peak Highway, check out Mount Ester.

Hell, anywhere in the National Forest will work right now!