Monday, January 08, 2007

Sparkle is dead. Long live Sparkle!

We didn't see it coming this morning when I dropped off Sparkle, the alley cat who has been my constant companion for four years, at the vet. She was alert. Content. She was just supposed to get an infected wound cleaned and be home for dinner. At 1 p.m. the vet called. A small puncture wound in her abdomen from a dog attack last Monday had gone unnoticed and grown into a massive, system-wide infection. It would be possible to try to save her, the vet said over the phone as Sparks was on the operating table, but success was unlikely. She recommended putting the cat to sleep. Since ol' Sparks was already asleep, we decided that would be the most humane thing to do.
Sparkle, or Fuzz, as she was known to friends, was a great cat, fond of spectator gardening, absorbing the news in the Gazette through osmosis every morning on the kitchen table, sunning on the front porch, sleeping under the covers and leftover cereal milk.
She was tough and tender at the same time.
She was buried at sundown Monday in our east garden.
We'll miss her.


Anonymous said...

My sympathies at the loss of Sparkle. She looks a lot like Winston who used to reside at the home of the features editor Dena Rosenberry before she started her travels. Winston came to bunk in Santee and got so used to it she never left. She lived to the ripe old age of 20 and expired during one of my frequent visits to Colorado. Some nice neighbor of mine put her in a Nordstrom's bag to await a burial. She is buried in the backyard in Santee and if anyone knows Nordstrom's - she went out in style!

Zen said...

That's brutal, brother. Take care & be at peace.

Biker Betty said...

Really very sorry to hear about Sparkle. So sorry for your lose.

Biker Betty said...

Meant, So sorry for your loss.

PeggyP said...

Sparkle will live long in my heart. I'll remember her eating in the cabinet above the dryer so Stella wouldn't get her food. I'll miss her keeping me warm on the bed when I pet sit. Most of all, I'll miss those evening walks when you followed the dogs to the park. Sparkle, you will continue to sparkle for me. Rest well.

food lady said...

I really miss you Sparks. I'll be sure to leave some warm laundry on the bed for you. Maybe you will make a visit.

widowmoses said...

Again, so sorry about Sparkle. I remember the special way she had to be cradled to stay still in your arm.
That's a very nice picture of her posted on the fencepost. I'll remember her like that.