Monday, January 08, 2007

My five favorite hikes in the region

As requested at a party I went to last night, here are my five favorite hikes in the region, in no particular order. By the way, this is for hiking, not biking.
1. Mount Rosa, both the long and the short way.
5. Waldo Canyon/Williams Canyon via the Bail Trail


gulo said...

looks like link for Pikes Peak is wrong

Biker Betty said...

My family really enjoys Waldo Canyon. Okay, 3 of the 4 of us do, lol. We have to bribe our 12 yr old with the Subway sandwiches we take on the hike. Once started, now we must always stop at Subway to get our lunch, lol. We love to eat their sandwiches on the trail.

Everyone we have taken with us loves this hike. We like it for the challenge and the great exercise. It's definitely not easy, especially once you get to the loop. Because our 12 yr old really doesn't like it, we need to find something just as long, but not quite as challenging.

So, except for our youngest, this is our favorite place to hike so far.

Keith said...

I like lots of hikes in the area. A nice moderate one is the one up to and past Palmer Lake 2. Yes, #2! A hidden parking area in Monument leads up a somewhat steep access road - then onto the National Forrest.

It is one of the hikes I am recomending to the new hiking group at: