Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wind and snow keep avy danger high

Avalanche danger is rated CONSIDERABLE right now for most of the state, including Pikes Peak, which means human-triggered slides are possible.
Above is a photo (courtesy the CAIC) from the Dec. 31 slide that caught a father and son from Monument. Notice their tracks going in from above. For a full accident report, with map, click here.
The Colorado Avalanche Information Center reports since Saturday, several rider-triggered avalanches were triggered. Most were shallow, in the recent wind loading. There were several reported from the Berthoud Pass area, including one on a SE aspect in Current Creek triggered remotely from 200-400 yards away. Monday morning, a snowboarder triggered an avalanche in the East Vail Chutes (N-NE aspect). The slab broke well above the 'boarder.
But they also say some avalanches are breaking deep in old layers, with a fracture line several feet deep and up to 1,000 feet across.
The weather seems poised to deliver even more snow. The Avy Center says in today's forecast: "Soak up the sun and enjoy this lull in winter weather before another major winter storm rolls in Thursday/ Friday. Models are not in total agreement at this time, but they currently advertise a prolonged weather event with substantial accumulation in all mountain areas. Very cold to downright frigid temperatures will follow. Maybe we can say goodbye to the pine beetle."


Zen said...

How about that fat avalanche on Pikes Peak?! Yeow! I would have loved to watch that come thundering down.

Dena Rosenberry said...

Dave is up there with folks from the Alpine school right now. They're assessing what happened and the likelihood for avalanches on the peak in days to come.

Look for a note on the blog later, and a story and photos in Wednesday's Gazette.

I've talked to a lot of people who were watching the peak Saturday. We all saw snow blowing like a sonofagun. Did anyone see the avalanche?

Anonymous said...

are there any live webcams that show that side of the peak where the avalanche was??

Dena Rosenberry said...

We're checking around on cams.

Dave's back. He'll post a photo and maybe video later. Says the slide is a whopper, 8 feet deep in parts.

Stay tuned. I wouldn't plan a ski trip on the peak anytime soon.

Dave Philipps said...

Yes, there is the Devil's playground cam.

The slide area is in the extreme right corner