Monday, January 08, 2007

The best dog booties? Let us know...

I know a lot of dogs that have three dog booties, because inevitably, when they are frolicking in the deep snow, a bootie pops off and gets lost.
A few years ago I would have said, "So what? Dog don't need booties."
But now that I have two short-haired dogs that love cross country skiing but get very cold feet I feel differently.
I have other friends with rugged, mountain dogs that get snowballs in the fur between their pads.
Bottom line: under certain conditions, dogs need booties. Even the dogs at the Iditarod use them.
But which are the best?
There are several designs from the very simple (home-made with duct tape) to the very elaborate (nicer than my boots.)
I would think a less expensive model is better, since some will inevitably get lost, but which kind stays on the best?
Give us your suggestions below.


Zen said...

Ruffwear - You can find their products at Wag n Wash (there's one at 16th & Uintah) and Mountain Chalet.

We've use the 3D Bark'n Boots which have now been replaced with the Bark'n Boots Grip Tex with Vibram sole. Yeah that's right - a vibram sole for doggies.

These boots grip, these boots stay on - once secured, we've never lost one, never even had one come off. We've used them above timberline where a dog's paws (especially if they are wet) can get rubbed raw on the rock, and we've used them in areas where you find a lot of ball cactus and other spiky things.

But we don't use them in snow because (a) our dog doesn't need snow boots and (b) they are expensive!

We also have a set of $10 fleece boots we picked up at the Petco on Uintah years ago. They are the booties our dog wears in the tent (to protect the floor), and on on the rare occasion he does need a snow boot. They keep the snow off the paw, they're cheap. and again we have never lost one.

As for dogs with long hair between the toes - some people say treat the paws with Pam cooking spray or a bit of vaseline.

Be careful with booties in the winter - too small and you can cut off circulation to the paw. Too tight around the "wrist" and you can cut of circulation to the paw. Booties don't add warmth, so cutting off ciculation even a little bit can lead to permanent damage.

Anonymous said... makes an assortment of dog booties. Colors and styles indoor and outdoor. My little guy wears the winter boots during snow season but they allso have nonslip boats for slippery floor surfaces. She also makes custom boots for your hard to fit paws.

Anonymous said...


He LOVES them! He is like a puppy running around the house and not slipping on the hardwoods. The hip dysplesia had gotten pretty bad and I was afraid with him slipping he was going to seriously injure himself.

Now he can actually chase toys with our other dogs! I wish I had found Neopaws 3 years ago!

I would recommend these to anyone with an older dog.

Thank you so much!
David Pippin
Atlanta Ga.

Joseph Smith said...

Dog booties is essential when it come to protecting your pets feet from any kind of harsh weather and to give him a comfortable walk. Appreciate the way you have shared your idea. Kudos for your efforts.