Monday, January 08, 2007

Sparkle the cat, day 7, back to the vet

Twice daily IV's of liquid and force feeding of wet catf ood have drastically improved the energy level of Sparkle the adopted alley cat, who was attacked by a dog last Monday. However, she still won't eat or drink on her own, and more worrisome, a new VERY deep wound that escaped the attention of both me and the vet opened up on her abdomen yesterday. It seems to be infected. Even after repeated flushing it had a fowl smell. So... we return to the vet, hopefully for the last time.
On the "good news" list, Sparkle got out of her ground-floor conversant bed while we were away from home yesterday, climbed a full flight of stairs, and either jumped or clawed her way up onto her favorite sleeping spot on our bed. She wouldn't have been able to do that a few days ago.
Bottom line, her pain seems to be easing but I have a lot of concerns about infection.


Dave Philipps said...

Sparkle update. I just took her to the vet. They checked her in because her wound had gotten exponentially worse since this morning. She's being cleaned out and patched up. She'll be home this afternoon.

Biker Betty said...

WOW!! Poor Sparkle has been thru so much. We are rooting for her.

Dena Rosenberry said...

To all of you like Biker Betty who have been rooting for Sparkle, I'm sad to say Dave just called with news the vet had to put her to sleep. Our thoughts are with that cute kitty and his kind owners.

Thanks to the rest of you for your kind wishes. I'm sure Dave will post more later.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that....I was rooting for Sparkle and for Dave, as I know its easy to get attached to a pet in a short amount of time.