Monday, December 04, 2006

Pike's Cave

After The Gazette's four-part series on climbing Pikes Peak via the route explorer Zebulon Pike probably would have taken, I got several e-mails and calls from folks who want to visit the cave where Pike slept during his night in the mountains.

Here are directions:
Drive up Old Stage Road to Gold Camp Road. At the Wye Campground, you'll see a sign that says "End county maintenance." (Click the image above for a bigger version). Park here. Walk up the Jeep track on the right, taking a right at each fork until you reach an open area below the southeast ridge of Mt. Rosa. (about 1/2 mile).

Look up at Rosa. You'll see a quarry on the foot of the ridge. You'll need to climb up to this quarry, then scramble around the east side, up to the ridge. If you run into rock scrambling after the quarry, bear right and the going should get easier.
Within 20 feet of the top of the ridge on the east side is Pike's Cave. It is marked with a sign, but no trail. You will probably have to look around a bit to find it.
How were my directions? Comment below.


gulo said...

what about posting GPS coordinates or better yet that KML file you have open in google earth ? :) said...

13 S 504874 4288724

Dave Philipps said...

Hey, thanks bill.

Anonymous said...

Very helpful, thanks!