Monday, December 04, 2006

An argument for helmets

You know you've had a good weekend of skiing when you're so tired you can barely lift your arms. That's me right now after three days of murdering powder at Breckenridge. The snow was great, the severe cold (-15 at 7 a.m.) kept the crowds away. And I finally got some benefit out of wearing a helmet.

We were telemarking down Imperial Bowl, a double black at the top of Breckenridge. The snow was perfect, but the base below was a little sketchy -- i.e. grass, rocks, last year's beer cans. At one point, halfway through a turn, I hit on a sharp, low-lying boulder. The rock dug into my ski all the way to the core. The ski stopped, I kept going, doing (I'm told) a double somersault and smacking myself very hard in the back of the head with my ski. I felt the somersaults. I'm still feeling them. But I wasn't even aware of the ski whack until my friends told me what had happened.

I think that would have hurt. Glad I don't know for sure.

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UltraRob said...

I won't ride my bike anywhere without a helmet but I still haven't gotten one for skiing. I sometimes think about it but haven't done anything about it. I remember a long time ago skiing in the bowl at Monarch and hitting a soft drift by a tree when everything else was pretty crusted. I was by myself and my ski popped off and slammed me in the back of the head. It broke the the fastener on my goggle strap and nearly knocked my out. I lay there for a few minutes before I could get up. Another time at Monarch, I was skiing int he trees and caught a ski on a burried log and rolled into another tree.