Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Local trail reports - still icy out there?

Winter in Colorado Springs: it comes, it goes. But even after a string of sunny days local trails, especially those tucked in the trees, can stay snowy.
My rule of thumb: when the snow on the shady side of my downtown house has disappeared, the trails are totally clear. Until then, watch out for ice.
I ran Barr Trail to No Name Creek yesterday evening and can report is was 95% clear. Just a few ice patches. The Incline is also clear.
That means south-facing, or sunny trails such as Bear Creek Regional Trail, Stratton Open Space, and The Buckhorn Trail in Cheyenne Canyon should be clear. Most of Palmer Park should be good to go.
Stay away from Mt. Cutler Trail in Cheyenne Canyon. It gets a ton of traffic and no sun, so it should still be an ice rink.
Where else have people gone in the last week? Post an ice and snow report below.

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Dena Rosenberry said...

Took my son - sans ipod this time! - on a long loop around Garden of the Gods on Sunday (Feb. 12). Ice? Nadda. Snow? Not a speck. It was all dry trails and glorious sunshine.