Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Now a registry for the trip down, too

I mentioned a few weeks ago that the Colorado Mountain Club keeps a tally of people who have officially climbed all the fourteeners. For a long time there was no need to keep an official list of who had skied down all the peaks because it consisted of one guy, Lou Dawson. Then, last year, Chris Davenport joined him. Now, Davenport's friend and companion on many summits, Ted Mahon is one peak away from making it a trio. (He still has to do Capitol.) In the mean time, Davenport has set up a registry and Web forum at skithe14ersforum.com.
Davenport said in an email today that he hopes the exchange of information on routes and conditions, and the forum's ability to connect like-minded people "can grow into a strong and open community that will help grow the sport of ski mountaineering."


Anonymous said...

Is Phillips(sp?)still holding this guy's jock? :-)

The Ghost of Ed Bircham said...

The Ghost of Ed Bircham thinks that's funny.