Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Still lots of snow in the crags

I was in the Crags yesterday. Even though it was sunny and warm in town, and there's scarcely a speck of snow in my yard, the white stuff was piled about 3 feet deep in the woods there. It's still fairly powdery. Anyone who wants to ski or snowshoe still has plenty of time.


zen said...

And we still have a good 2 months of winter left up here. The Crags can be good snowshoeing well into May.

zen said...

Hey Dave - is the campground still closed up there? That was making parking a nightmare in the area.

bill_brown_cmc said...

Zen, Yes the campground is still closed. Parking is very limited, probably complete chaos on weekends. According to Frank Landis of Pike Nat'l Forest a couple months ago, they hope to have it reopened by Memorial Day.