Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mutterings of a Fat Tire Fest

Locals are trying to organize an Old Colorado City Fat Tire Fest in June.
The plan would be much like Salida's fabled "Lap" -- a long, informal group ride up into the mountains, in this case climbing gold camp to Jones Downhill, and finishing at Stratton Open Space.
No races, just biking with apres beer.
In a town with so many bikers and no bike events, this sounds like a great idea.


zen said...

Given the endless miles of rolling terrain and trails in the Rampart Range, I've long wondered why no one attempted to put together a fat tire festival in Woodland Park. It just seems to me that this place is the perfect location for a new event. But in all the years I've asked around, all the mountain bikers I've talked to, all the shops I've approached there has been the real apathy to the idea like no one wants to publicize their riding areas for fear of an influx of users. Interesting.

Brian said...

I'm in.