Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Say goodbye to Claus

NOAA climatologist Klaus Wolter said this fall that this was going to be an exceptionally dry snow year for the mountains. He must have been hanging out with the same guys this fall who predicted John McCain was broke and done because snow continues to hammperthe Colorado Rockies making the 2007-08 season one for the record books. The first of a two part storm swept across the western region of the state yesterday leaving mounds of snow in its wake. The second wave of the storm further steeped the state in snow last night and today resorts are enjoying the 60th powder day of the season (calculated as at least one resort receiving 5 or more inches of new snow).

The southwest portion of the state leads by the sheer volume of snow they’ve received this winter. As of this morning, Wolf Creek Ski Area has had nearly 41 feet of snow this season to date and neighboring Silverton Mountain is reporting 37.5 feet for the season.


bill_brown_cmc said...

Klaus should hang more with Al Gore who can predict within a few inches how much higher sea levels will be 50 years from now.

zen said...

Well he was partially right. Look beyond the river basin snowpack measurements at the individual ranges, and you'll find much of the SE Mountains are dry, along with most of the eastern slope of the Front Range.

So far this snow season I have logged just over 42" for Woodland Park, and 12" of that was in one storm in October.

Outside of that storm, the largest single snowfall we've has this season was 4" at Christmas.

Though our two snowiest months (Mar & Apr) are to come, so far we've had pretty poor snowtotals. So as far as my front yard is concerned Klaus was on the money.


Nick Rivers said...

Klaus was a moron who knew only what he read in the New York Post.