Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The incline

Hmmm... I hear from my Manitou Incline sources that The Independent is calling the city to do a story on the history of the area's favorite masochistic workout, The Incline. A better place to start might be Matt Carpenter's thorough series about the railroad, or even my regular updates and story about it turning 100.


Anonymous said...

I remember riding the incline when we moved here in 71 and think it is great the owners have not taken stronger action to close it off to the public.


zen said...

Now the issue is going to become "who is going to pay for the repairs before the incline devolves into a slip & slide of muddy erosion?"

Dave Philipps said...

Good question. If the incline was closed today instead of in 1990, I bet the forest service would have required full reclamation by the cog.