Friday, February 01, 2008

A few more shots from the Western Slopes

A couple more shots from my "Western Slopes" road trip from today's Out There section. If you missed my earlier post on the trip, here it is.

Silverton guide John Shockley. He's an avid Hesperus fan, BTW.

Skier transport at Silverton. This thing was like a clown car - there must have been 40 people sardined in there. Crazy. I was sitting on the dash and Shockley was trying to push some guy out the door.

The view from the top of Alberta Peak at Wolf Creek. That's Tim, Wolf Creek local, enjoying the scenery. Tim says he travels like a squirrel - stuffing his pockets with nuts and berries to survive a day in Wolf Creek's side country. I just thought I'd share that with you.


Teleken said...

Looks like a good day at Wolf Creek. Did you ski the local Silverton hill too?

AndyW said...

Oh, we skied the hell out of it. Took about three runs. Still, for a $15 ticket? Not too bad.

Dave Philipps said...

You forgot to mention that in Silverton's brown van, UPS stands for ulitmate powder shuttle.