Friday, February 01, 2008

Crocs for everyone

Need a new pair of Crocs AND want to help someone put shoes on their feet?

The makers of Crocs, up in Niwot, have an answer. They're launching SolesUnited, asking for donations of worn-out shoes to be recycled and turned into new ones.

The company started donating shoes about a year ago, creating them from scraps left over from the manufacturing process. Now, you'll be able to drop off your old Crocs at certain retailers and they'll be sent back to the Croc factory and used to make new shoes. Cool.

SolesUnited shoes have slight design tweaks to differentiate them from traditional Crocs. For example, shoes recently sent to Malawi didn't have the back strap.

Shoes also have been sent to Chile, El Salvador, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. The shoes are noted as being created from recycled plastic and are can’t be sold.

But a similar shoe will be sold in the U.S. as a fundraising tool.

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