Monday, December 10, 2007

Future of the Incline

I wrote this story on the 100th anniversary of the Manitou Incline this weekend. The big news: I have no specifics but cog management hints that it's working toward a deal.

Thoughts on whether the Incline should be open or not?


UltraRob said...

It's pretty obvious that people are going to hike it whether or not it's legal. I think it's to the point that the Cog would have to have a security guard standing there to stop people. That would create a lot of bad will with locals.

I think having it legal would make it easier for the Cog to provide info on where to park. Now they're dealing with the parking problem but with limited options on directing people where to park since it's not legal. Volunteers are doing a lot of work to keep the Incline in as good of shape as it is but it still is deteriorating.

Steve Bremner said...

I live at the end of Ruxton Ave. The problem is that the Incline is an "unplanned-for attraction". On summer days there is a glut of traffic on Ruxton producing a safety problem (first responders would have had trouble responding to the Manitou Fire if it had happened on a Saturday in July for example). There simply is too much traffic on Ruxton. More parking is not the answer.

Long time ago, I understand there used to be a trolley car that ran up the middle of Ruxton and turned around at the Iron Springs Chateau. If we brought that back and restricted traffic on Ruxton to residents it would ease the traffic problem as well as benefit downtown merchants.