Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cat comes off the mountain

Apparently, when his last tooth fell out, it was time to retire. Nin, the latest in a long line of cats at the Mount Washington Observatory, in New Hampshire's White Mountains, retired recently, and came down the mountain to spend her dotage at a ranger's house. There's a story here.

This, and a recent New York Times story on the pervasive, and welcome presence of shop cats, makes me think, "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a cat living in the summit house on Pikes Peak?" Sure, it would have to come down at some points when the summit house is closed, but tourists and locals would both love it. One of the many, many things that could improve the summit experience on Pikes Peak. Unless you hate cats.


The Ghost of Erin O' Keefe said...

No Mountain Rats on Pikes Peak! They ate me in the year 18-seven-6!!!!

Oh wait, you said cats. Cats are fine.

Teleken said...

Some tourist would have an allergy and then sue and shut down the summit house. Wait, is that a bad thing? Either that or the poor thing would die eating those nasty doughnuts.

Dave Philipps said...

For the record, I love those donuts.