Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Anybody get good gear gifts?

So, whaddya get?

I scored some new Black Diamond flick-lok poles. They're cheap Traverse model, but they're sturdy and work well. The only bad thing is that my wife has the same model, as do Dave and his wife and about half of the rest of the state. I'll have to tie-dye them or something.

And, I got a new GPS unit - the Garmin Legend HCx. This is important because our old GPS unit (the cheapest eTrex model) had a 100-percent perfect record of failing to work whenever we were actually lost - during blizzards en route to backcountry huts with the light fading fast.

So that's good - although it annoys me no end that Garmin doesn't include any decent map software with their units. I wanted to trade the Legend in on the Delorme Earthmate PN-20, which comes with hi-res topo maps for the entire country, gratis (and Delorme's topos are actually better quality than the ones you have to buy from Garmin), but my wife wants a GPS that we can get maps for Europe on - which exludes the Earthmate. Terrible name for a product, anyway, isn't it?

I also got socks!

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