Monday, October 15, 2007

File under obvious

The Rocky Mountain News's Tech section had a ski technology story with this amazing revelation:

Ski resorts are turning to technology to deliver skiers up the slopes more quickly, a move industry officials say has cut lift lines. In recent years, resorts in Colorado and elsewhere in the United States have been installing high-speed "detachable" chairlifts that whisk skiers up the mountain twice as quickly as older "fixed-grip" lifts.

Ummmm... so... the first high speed lift was installed in the state about 25 years ago. Since then, the fast four-packs (or six-packs) have pretty much become the norm.

Look for this next exciting story: Young rebellious "snowboarders" surf on snow!


Teleken said...

Look for these upcoming articles.

"Skiers now use plastic boots to increase edge control."

"Resorts figure out how to charge $10.00 for a burger."

Dave Philipps said...

I actually saw one for $12 at A Basin last spring.

Teleken said...

Dang! I'm out of touch being a brown bag tele skier.

The Real Slim Shady said...

Dog/Brat it up with some backpacked barley pops out at Blue may have sold your kidney to ski those runs, but you can still enjoy some good times free at Vail.

I'll say this too. Who cares. You'd eat the same burger at Chilis and pay $10 and add an Awesome Blossom.

AndyW said...

The skiers breakfast at the Basin is still a pretty good deal. What's that, 6 bucks or something?

I don't mind paying $10 for a burger or whatever, I just want the food not to suck. That's why if I'm eating on the mountain, I hit a sit-down restaurant instead of a cafeteria (although the cafeteria at Ajax wasn't too shabby).

Now, can we go back to making fun of our competition?

How about - "Shaped skis changing face of skiing"