Friday, September 28, 2007

The middle of nowhere

Today the Out There section has a story about the most remote spots in the county and the state. The one in the state is pretty much exactly where I would have thought: smack dab in the middle of the largerst wilderness area. The one in the county, though, is a bit of a surprise. It's in the sandy, rolling sage prairie of Chico Basin Ranch down in the southeast corner of the county. I don't feel like that's the most remote point, especially since while there are no roads, you can pretty much drive everywhere. But every other place I think of, even up in the mountains, is criss-crossed by roads, so maybe it does make sense.
I'll take votes on the most "remote feeling" place in the county below.

1 comment:

Zen said...

Ya like I'm gonna tell you that. Then everybody will rush there just to say "I've been to Zen's most 'remote feeling' spot". Like I'm gonna fall for that.

I will tell you the most "remote feeling" place for your $20 bills is my bank account though. Check it out.