Friday, August 10, 2007

Lance Armstrong drops the bomb

Last night when Lance Armstrong spoke at a Broadmoor fundraiser for Bikes for Kids he made a shocking admission.
No, not that he doped like practically everyong else.
And no, not that his long-time team, Discovery Channel, disbanded today.
But that he went to Palmer High!
It's apparently true. When he was part of the OTC's young athletes program.
According to Steve Cram, a journalist for The Guardian:

It is claimed Lance Armstrong spent a difficult year of his academic career at this establishment, although they will also tell you that he has always been reticent about his attendance there and the school are encouraged not to overplay his patronage.

Last night Armstrong said he is not the most well know graduate. That belongs to Elvira.
So... he didn't dope but he skip.
Does anyone in town remember going to school with Lance anytime between 1983 and 1987?
Or perhaps remember his empty seat in class?

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UltraRob said...

I didn't go to school with him but it's possible I rode with him. I was starting to ride seriously about that time. I used to ride some with the junior national team but I think it actually was a couple years later.