Thursday, July 12, 2007

A tough old dude.

The Summit Daily had a story yesterday about an 89-year-old local who went horse packing into his favorite backcountry valley in the Gore Range, Slate Creek (pictured above). His horse stumbled, pinning both rider and horse on a steep hill in downed timber. The old man was able to reach a hatchet on the pack and free himself (I'm assuming by chopping up the trees, not the horse.) All would have been fine, but then the horse ran away. See the rest of the story here. Then compare it to the series of rather silly rescues we had on Pikes Peak this spring due to snow and inclement weather. I'd say this guy is varsity.
Photo of his rescue by the Summit Daily.

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zen said...

A tough old dude indeed. May we all be so lucky as to be able to still trek the backcountry at that age.