Friday, July 13, 2007

Not much remains

The Out There main story today is about wreckchasing in Colorado. A small cadre of searchers track down old plane wrecks and document them. Often, there isn't much left. Here are a few pics from planes around the state: before and after. Often, not much is left to suggest it was once a plane.

B-17 Flying Fortress near Estes Park



C-49 cargo plane

Before: (this is actually a C-47 but they look the same)

To see the after, use Google Earth to follow this link: C ...
To see many more crash sites, visit

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bill_brown_cmc said...

An alternate way to get to the C-47 wreck site on Blodgett is to take Trail 713 from the Air Force Academy. This trailhead is marked by Red Dot #5 on Pikes Peak Atlas. Follow 713 into West Monument Creek Canyon. When you get to the water tank, go around it to the left, step across a small stream, and follow a sometimes faint single track that follows the crest of Blodgett's north ridge. The wreck is just below and east of the ridge at one of the few flat spots along the ridge about 2/3 of the way to Blodgett's summit. It's visible from the trail, but only if you're paying attention. I prefer this route because it avoids going up and over Blodgett and is seldom used. BTW: Trail 713 also provides a nice alternative route to Stanley and Northfield reservoirs.