Thursday, July 19, 2007

Catch a berm

Anyone around here a dirtsurfer?

Just got an e-mail: A dirtsurfing crew is coming to Denver and doing demos next week before and after the US Open Mountainboarding Championships at Snowmass. Been mountainboarding, but not dirt surfing. Check it out here.

Apparently pro dirtsurfer Quin-Lee Ng lives in Denver. And, of course, many credit Jason Lee and Patrick McConnell with moving to the Springs and starting mountainboarding.


Brian Duvall said...

Quin Lee Ng lives just outside of L.A. not in Denver.

The Canada team is coming to Denver as part of a promo tour.

There are a few Dirtsurfer riders in Colorado. I just spent two weeks in Beuna Vista, CO teaching kids how to ride at Adventure Unlimited.

Dena Rosenberry said...

Hmmmm. Jeremy of sent an e-mail saying Quin Lee Ng just moved to Denver. Oh well.

Too bad we didn't know you were in the area. We could've popped over to see the action.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Quinno Is in Colorado! No more chasing Porches and Feraris down Topanga Canyon Rd.