Tuesday, June 12, 2007

You had to see it coming...

Backpacker Magazine is moving its headquarters to Boulder.
According the the Boulder Business Report, the outdoor magazine with a circulation of 340,000 is expected to move from Pennsylvania sometime this summer, sources say.
California-based Active Interest Media Inc., which has offices in Boulder, purchased Backpacker from Rodale. AIM also publishes Southwest Art, American Cowboy and the Wild Oats Magazine through its Boulder offices.
It is unclear how many of Backpacker's Pennsylvania staff is moving to Boulder. AIM said in a press release that Editor in Chief Jonathan Dorn is remaining with the magazine.

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zen said...

I gave up my Backpacker subsciption years ago, when the green ethic gave way to full page advertising spreads of 4x4s blowing through the mountains.

I asked them to explain their reasoning, but all they could tell me was the vehicle manufacturers paid very well, and as long as the ad included a note along the lines of "simulation - do not attempt" they would run the ad.

After they ran Toyota's double-page spread of the 4-Runner conquering Everest, I'd had enough.