Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Still enough snow on Pikes to trap people

A missing mountain biker returned home safely on his own after search and rescue crews scoured the Elk Park Trail area of Pikes Peak all night looking for him. He had been lost since Sunday. The man called El Paso County Sheriff's Office when he felt he was in trouble.
Deputies had been following his tire tracks in the snow for most of the night, but lost them at some point early this morning.
Just after losing site of his tracks, Search and Rescue got a call from the missing man. He had apparently made his way home safely on his own, then called authorities to let them know. The man has been identified as 47-year-old Joe Mullally of Colorado Springs.

The problem with the Elk Park Trail, according to a local biker, is that the trail is clear at the start because it is above tree line. It's not until you are a mile or so and a thousand feet lower that you get into the trees and realize that there's a LOT of snow.


Teleken said...

Pikes Peak, America's mountain and now a magnet for WTF moments.

Zen said...

Elk Park should not be open to bikes anyway.

julie vogel said...

I'm glad he's ok, he's my favorite cousin :)

Liz Phillips said...

I'm glad he's ok too! He's my favorite ex-husband! HA!

julie vogel said...

hi liz, remember me from the reunion? how are you?