Monday, May 14, 2007

Primo skiing on Pikes Peak right now

With the sun out and Pikes Peak uncharacteristically snowy for this time of year, my wife, Amanda and I decided to go ski at Glen Cove on Pikes Peak Saturday. It was awesome. The snow was bit heavy and inconsistent, but the turns were great and so was the view. As you can see, we weren't the only people shuttling up the road to Devil's Playground to ride back down.
If I'd do anything differently, it would be this: bring a snowboard instead of tele skis. In my own view, a snowboard is much better on manky, inconsistent snow. Where we struggled a bit with out teles, we would have flown on snowboards.
Or at least, I should say, I struggled on tele skis. Amanda (below) is a natural.


Anonymous said...

The conditions were primo for a huge wet slide....I'm surprised nobody was buried. Most of the people were up there in the heat of the day totally ignoring the wet slide indicators. Even El Paso County S & R were warning people to get off the mountain. Most of the skiers and riders didn't even have avie gear. Be careful out there. It's not a ski area.

Dave Philipps said...

Didn't see EPCSAR up there. I'd agree that some of the steeper areas were a bit too warm and soft after 11 a.m. We were on the lower,eastern aspect.

Zen said...

We are indeed fortunate to live here.

Anonymous said...

I think "anonymous" is pissed because they didn't have all that snow for private tracks!

TOTALLY aware of the AVY danger!

No "serious avy gear" but we "mere mortals" were done by 1200... We, also, stayed on the "lower,eastern aspect" for the later runs.

Regardless, it was a phenomenal day and folks have been skiing there for at least 3 generations without "magic beacons/shovels"!

Common sense rules!!!

(WHEN "it" happens, I plan/hope to not be there. I did have a "digging" device, but doubt it would help much at that point...)

If the temps settle down, and the snow stabilizes again "we" might be back in a couple of days...