Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dumping on the peak

Gazette photog Christian Murdock spent the night filling in for Neal and Teresa at Barr Camp. (Just beat the downpour.)

The camp had received 205 inches of snow as of this morning. Do I hear a boo-yah!?

Last week's storm dropped 17 inches. Look for pix in the a.m.

He says the trail is in great shape up to the 1/2-mile mark before Barr. (Knew I shoulda headed that way Sunday!)


zen said...

Very nice to see. The trails will be lush this summer - yah! I have 133 inches here in Woodland Park. And again I say - yah!

Anonymous said...

205 inches since when? The beginning of the winter?

Dena Rosenberry said...

That's 205 since the beginning of "winter." Neal and Teresa don't know how that compares, because no one kept accurate records before.