Monday, May 21, 2007

A better running shoe at a price

The gear junkie has a post on his blog today about the new, $175 Newton running shoe from Boulder. The pavement runner features lugs that extend from the base of the forefoot region on the sole to mimic a barefoot running style.
These rubber lugs—made to strike the pavement and rebound you into the next stride—promote a more efficient and natural running technique, according to the company. They have cool,
very convincing animation of it here.

Even if you don't buy the shoes, the animation is instructive of a proper running posture, which avoids landing on the heel, cutting down on injuries and fatigue. Weight forward, small, quick strides = happy runner.

By the way, it's only one cutting edge shoe coming out of Boulder. The new GoLite trail runner is a totally re-imagined shoe with funky independent suspension on the bottom.

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Stephon Marbury said...

That shoe is a rip off. I still pay Far East labor 5 cents a shoe to make mine, but I only charge $15.