Monday, May 21, 2007

And the Oscar goes to

The "outdoor oscars," officiall called the Everest Awards, will be givien out at the start of the Teva Mountain Games in Vail, June 1. Here are the nominees:

Male Trail Runner of the Year
Karl Metzler, Anton Krupicka and Andy Ames

Female Trail Runner of the Year NIkki
Kimball, Darcy Africa and Diana Finkel

Male Mountain Biker of the Year
Chris Eatough, Duncan Riffle and Darren Barrencloth

Female Mountain Biker of the Year
Shonny Vanlandingham, Georgia Gould and Pua Sawicki

Female Paddler of the Year
Tanya Faux, Ruth Gordon and Emily Jackson

Male Paddler of the Year
Eric Jackson, Stephen Wright and Ben Stookesberry

Male Climber of the Year
Chris Sharma, Daniel Woods and Paul Robinson

Female Climber of the Year
Angie Payne, Alex Puccio and Lisa RandsMale

Multi-Sport Athlete of the Year
Josiah Middaugh, Aaron Prince and Michael Tobin

Female Multi-Sport of the Year
Sari Anderson, Sara Wallen and Melanie McQuaid

Expedition of the Year
Chris Davenport – Ski the 14ers (skied Colorado’s 54 tallest peaks in one season)
Dean Karnazes – Endurance 50 (50 marathons, in 50 states, in 50 days)
Charlie Engle – Running the Sahara (ran 4,300 miles across the desert in 111 days)
Kit Deslauriers –Seven Summits (first person to ski from the peaks of the 7 summits)
I have to admit, I recognize only a fraction of these names.

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