Friday, April 13, 2007

Unless you have one of these...

We can't really recommend biking on the local singletrack this weekend. Even with warm temps expected, if all this wet snow melts, it's going to turn the trails to mush, and bike tires could end up doing long-term damage. Even normally dry Pueblo will be a mess.
Fortunately, Colorado Springs has one of the great urban trails systems in the state. A network of interconnected paved and gravel trails makes a grid over the city. You can ride for miles and miles, all the way from Palmer Lake to Fountain. For a map, click here. If you go, bring a few bucks. The great part about urban pedaling is you never know when you will encounter gelato. A good place along the trail for this tasty treat is Dog Tooth Coffee on the Shooks Run Trail.
Of course, if you're really itching to ride, you could pack up the car and roll to Fruita or Moab. Both this weekend should be good. Just stop at Over the Edge Sports if you're thinking of rolling out to Fruita's book cliffs and ask if they are too wet to ride.

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