Thursday, April 12, 2007

Open mouth, insert foot.

Just when you think people will learn to be a little more sensitive to their neighbors, motorist and Colorado Springs Business Journal editor Mike Boyd comes out with a weird anti-bicycle tirade.
It was forwarded to us by the good-hearted nobby-tired zealots at
A brief sample, for it is a long, long tirade: "Stay out of the way of traffic, because those of us in hulking SUVs like driving really fast and can become quite agitated when we have to slow down because some health-nut on a bicycle thinks he or she is just as much entitled to the road as we are."
To read the whole thing, click here.
Want to send Mike a note? or 329-5202.


Barry said...

"CDOT’s Tips for Bicyclists..."???

Who are the ad wizards that came up with this campaign?

UltraRob said...

Dave, I was just going to send you an e-mail about this since I'm on Medicine Wheel's list and didn't know you were. It's no wonder few people feel safe bike commuting. Americans would rather spend thousands of dollars on hybrid vehicles than ride a bike. Not that I think hybrids are a bad idea but there are other better solutions.

zen said...

Not that it's good humor, or necessarily appropriate, but this seems to be a joke to me.

Boyd wrote, "Scan for pedestrians and bicyclists (not if it cuts into my cell-phone-talking time; I’m an important person who simply can’t be out of touch)."

That seems to be a self-deprecating statement. I have a hard time believing Mike Boyd is that full of himself.

But then again, I don't know Mike personally. Do you really think he's serious here, Dave?

I might recommend emailing Mike and politely asking him to address the serious side of this issue too. But I don't think he should be flamer or "imused" here.

Even business is recognizing the serious economic consequences of American obesity & encouraging employees and families to get out and get exercise.

That includes bicycling, and certainly the need for a watchful eye. I think Mike understands that. I want to believe it at least.

zen said...

Um.. the correct word was "flamed". Not flamer. Chalk it up to Freud and his slip.

Dave Philipps said...

Agreed. This is obviously meant as a joke. Not sure it works.

Brendan Leonard said...

It absolutely doesn't work. I'll be writing Mr. Boyd an e-mail.

Rhonda said...

I absolutely agree that bicycling is better for humans and the planet than driving a road-hogging, polluting SUV. But bicyclists need to know the rules of the road and use common sense. Many times while driving my medium-sized, fuel-efficient car, I've had to choose between swerving into the other lane (sometimes occupied) or hitting an oblivious bicyclist. The result: I glance in the rear-view mirror, say a little prayer and jam on the brakes.