Monday, April 23, 2007

Hummingbirds are back

I first noticed the signature trill of male humming birds at the top of Ruxton Avenue on Wednesday. Thursday and Sunday I heard them again. These tiny birds who work their way up from Texas and northern Mexico to spend the summer in the Rockies aren't up in the woods quite yet. They seem to be hanging around the houses on the edge of Manitou, where feeders are plentiful. It's a good thing those feeders are there, because the flower season seems to be a few weeks behind schedule this year, leaving little nectar for these guys to eat.


Kuku said...

Busy little birds
Blurry flapping wings of wrath
I don't trust those dudes.

zen said...

Thanks for the post. They aren't up in Woodland Park yet. In past years I've seen Rufous hummers in mid march as they migrate northward and the Broad-tails are usually here by mid April. They definitely are late this year.

zen said...

Hummer spotted in Woodland Park today. Must be up taking advantage of the fresh powder.