Monday, April 23, 2007

Are you a bigfoot?

Even if you aren't into the whole carbon-offsetting, it's interesting to look at the effect of what we do and how we go about it. Here's a site that calculates how you can offset your carbon emissions based on the kind of vehicle your drive and how much you drive it - or your next flight.

I can't use it to figure out how to offset the '69 Volksie, but then again, I don't drive it much. Does make me think about biking to work more often, though.

ADDING: I'm not advocating for this or any other off-setting group. And I hope it doesn't come off that way. I'm not sure I buy into the concept. I mean, if I'm worried about wasting energy, I find ways to cut back, no? But I like that it makes me think about my lifestyle. Because I can afford a car should I drive one to work? Take the bus? Ride my bike? Because I love oranges and I'm used to eating them year-round, should I liimit consumption to in-season? Drop them altogether for fruit that's grown locally? Build a greenhouse so I can grow my own oranges?


Anonymous said...

Huh? By sending them $56 for ??? I am saving the earth how?

zen said...

As a web designer and information specialist, it is my opinion that AgCert (creators of does a piss poor job of revealing who exactly it is that they are here. And that makes me nervous. Where are the controls? Where is the transparency?

Based on what I see, I have no reason to believe AgCert is legitimate in any form or fashion. Lest we forget, the Coal Industry founded the "Greening Earth Society".

The very first question on their FAQ should be "Who is AgCert?"

I wouldn't send a dime to these guys unless they clear the speculative air.

zen said...

Correction - that's

Dave Philipps said...

I think there is a huge potential for shenanigans in the whole carbon trading, renewable energy credit thing. I've very suspicious.

Christopher Short said...

I'm thinking the correct unit of measurement for carbon footprint is trees. If I could pay an organization to plant x trees per year, where x is the number it takes to offset my emissions, I would probably do that.

It seems like a good job for the EPA, or some government entity.

Christopher Short said...

I could have made that post without using x, I now realize, but how much fun is it to use "x is the number" in any context other than high school algebra?

zen said...

x marks the mathematical spot