Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A great snowline on Pikes Peak

I fell asleep listening to the rain on the branches outside my window last night -- a true delight.
In branches higher up Pikes Peak, it was snowing a wet, heavy snow. This morning you can see the snow-line at about 9,000 feet -- another delight. If the weather ever gets nice, April should be great skiing on Pikes Peak.
In the mean time, lower down the wildflowers are starting to unfurl. This wet, cool spring should make for an awesome flower season.


zen said...

5 inches at my place last night - 8650 feet. Snowbombs falling everywhere.

kuku said...

Pitter, patter, splat
Raindrops lull our Dave to sleep
Dreaming of the slopes

Some day I shall write
Dave Philipps' biography
All in bad haiku.

Paul Lynde said...

"An awesome flower season indeed!"