Monday, April 16, 2007

The future of Cheyenne Mountain

For non-subscribers (shame, shame, you're erroding democracy) I wrote a front-page story in Sunday's Gazette detailing how revenue generation threatens to sidetrack the state park system.
Heres the top

A park’s two paths
April 15, 2007 - 12:49PM
If you had $3 million to spend on Cheyenne Mountain State Park, what would you buy: (A) 20 campsites and an amphitheater, or (B) Cheyenne Mountain? Before you decide, consider a few details. - The new, 1,680-acre park includes foothills but not the mountain itself. It already has 40 campsites, and studies suggest the vast majority of visitors to our state parks do not stay overnight. - Cheyenne Mountain is worth an estimated $12 million, but the owners are offering a 75 percent discount because they want to preserve land homesteaded almost a century ago by their grandfather. - The deal won’t last much longer. The owners have been negotiating with the state for eight years and “are at the end of their rope,” according to their attorney, P.J. Anderson. “We have a bank loan due Aug. 31,” he said. “That’s the drop-dead deadline. If we don’t have a deal by then, we’ll list it.” Some would say it’s a no-brainer — buy the land, while it’s available, and add campsites later. But this spring, when park officials applied for state grants, they picked the campsites over the mountain.
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Anonymous said...

They have been trying to sell the city that land for years and threatening to sell it to build houses up there. That is a long shot at best, they need to donate it and take the tax deduction.

Punkinhead Martin said...

There gold up in them thar hills!!!!!!!!

bill_brown_cmc said...

Great reporting, Dave! This is the kind of thing the community needs to be aware of.