Friday, March 16, 2007

Would elk mind skiers?

An update on plans to build a ski area near Minturn...
from the AP:

A developer who plans a major ski resort and 1,700 homes next to this former railroad town needs to give wildlife officials more information, a state official said.

Bill Andree, district wildlife manager for the Colorado Division of Wildlife, said an environmental report provided by the Ginn Development Co. does not provide sound conclusions and lacks an analysis of the environmental impact of the cleanup of the former Eagle Mine on the site, the Aspen Times reported today.

Bill Weber, senior vice president for Ginn, said he agreed with some of Andree’s concerns but not others. Andree said problem areas include the layout and height of
buildings, which could adversely affect elk and peregrine falcons. He also said the plan does not include adequate winter habitat for elk.

“The best way is to sit down and look at a map and say, ’This is the worst place to put a house, this is the best place,’” Andree said this week. “I think this can be done with very minimal impact.”

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