Friday, March 16, 2007

Trail conditions

The photo is from a hike in Blodgett Open Space two weekends ago. I'm sure it's totally dry now. I was talking to a bagger at Safeway last night and she said Section 16 above Red Rock Canyon was in good shape.

Biz ed Joanna Bean is wondering about Waldo Canyon. Anyone been in the last week? I heard earlier in the week from folks who hiked Palmer Park - said it was dry and fine up top.

What's the latest? Itchy feet want to know!


zen said...

Was up on Mount Esther trail - starting from the Crow Gulch picnic ground on the Pikes Peak Highway - on Sunday March 11.

Snow in spots on the trail. Feet deep in the shady areas and gulleys off trail. Definitely saturated wet, but Mount Ester from Crow Gulch is gravely so mud is no problem.

Amazing canyon and peak views.

Please help us maintain this fantastic trail by picking up any litter you find. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I hiked Blodgett yesterday and Waldo (the complete loop) two weeks ago. Both are clear. Waldo had a little snow in the wooded conyon portion, but it is all packed down, so no postholing or snow-shoess needed. I have been scratrching my itchy feet!

Dena Rosenberry said...

Thanks for the update.

I should add that on my last hike of Intemann there was still an icy bit on the short stretch that winds past Iron Spring, but it's easily bypassed by walking along Ruxton.

That's my route to Barr Trail or the Incline. Intemann's a good warmup!

Anyone want to wager on what Friday will bring - rain or snow?