Wednesday, March 21, 2007

when deer meet felines

Hope you saw Dave's smile-inducing story and Carol Lawrence's photo of a westside cat that has made nice with deer living in the 'hood. You missed a great line of his, something about a cat might hang with deer once and still say he/she's 100 percent feline, but after repeated incidents?

Do other cats start to wonder?

The story brought up another tale of a recent cat - deer encounter, but of the grim variety. Deer vs. big cat aka mountain lion. Suffice to say, the mountain lion didn't stop at sniffing the deer's nose. The homeowner found deer ... um ... bits in the yard.

I can't tell a deer what to do to prevent a mountain lion attack, but I can pass along advice for keeping yourself alive:

Do not hike, bike or run alone.
Keep a close watch on children.
Do not approach a mountain lion.
Do not run from a mountain lion.
Raise your arms or open your jacket to appear larger.
Make noise by stomping your feet and speaking loudly.
If attacked, fight back, then call 911.

For more information, go here.

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