Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy solstice (yesterday) Spring is here!

The cherry blossoms are coming out! It's a very special time for me, every since I learned about the Japanese hanami, or "time of cherry blossom viewing." The Japanese revere the cherry blossom because it perfectly captures their idea of beauty as fleeting. The cherry tree, or Sakura, only blooms for a few days. It can not be planned. It can not be controlled, and it will not wait. It just has to be enjoyed. When the bloom comes (which is predicted to be this week near Tokyo) many people take a day or two off to simply enjoy the moment.
Sounds good to me.
So for this moment, a poem by Basho:

The petals of cherry blossoms
Fall in the soup and dishes of
Raw fish under the tree


Beasley's Haiku said...

Yo Bri, Charry Blossoms
Di has on her tarricloth
Meet at Pulsations

kuku said...

Dave Philipps is cool
Even though he's way too thin
And he smells like dirt.

Dena Rosenberry said...

In case you didn't see the squid posting below...
I admitted how much I love that Dave is entranced by giant squids AND fleeting cherry blossoms.

Then I threw down the gauntlet: Write that haiku!

zen said...

Back at you, brother Dave. The aspen buds broke open today...

The new year ends a year of sorrow
Spring finds everything fresh
Mountain flowers laugh with green water
Cliff trees dance with blue mist
Bees & butterflies seem so happy
Birds & fishes look lovelier still
The joy of companionship never ends
Who can sleep past dawn

- Cold Mountain