Wednesday, March 07, 2007

They have a point, we don't have Trader Joe's

The Web page forum is one of those weird, unanticipated mutations on modern technology: sit posting treatises on random topics and retorts to people you've never met. Get all fired up for nothing. It's like holding a McGaughlin Group of the inconsequential while wearing pajamas.
Today's topic on Reasons to live in New Mexico, spearheaded by Albuquerueans with chips on their shoulders:

#1 few people on trails
#2: incredibly varied and beautiful landscapes
#3: incredible sunsets, good weather
#4: most people don't even know it exists
#5: awesome food
#6: reasonable cost of living
#7: no vehicle inspections (my truck doesn't even have a working speedometer anymore, but who cares)

And then another guy from Colorado chimes is

#8 It's right next to Colorado.

But two can play that game. A Santa fe guys replies:

#9 Trader Joe's, which Colorado doesn't have.

Vitriolic, repetitive debate ensues. Read here.

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Anonymous said...

It's hot in New Mexico....have fun melting.